Support Your Teachers with Online Professional Development

With short, digestible online modules and carefully crafted practice methods, you can bridge the gap between seeing a technique and being able to use it confidently and consistently in your classroom.

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15 Minute Modules

Designed for busy teachers, each 15-minute module follows a proven four step-approach.

Step Into a Classroom

Observe the technique in action with teachers and students.

Study the Technique

Analyze additional footage to learn how to execute the technique.


Based on what's modelled, practice the technique to gain confidence.

Review and Share

Record yourself practicing then share with others for feedback.

Improve Your Craft Anywhere, Anytime

Founded by Doug Lemov, Teach Like a Champion is part of Uncommon Schools’ commitment to share teaching insights and knowledge that enable all students to achieve at dramatically higher levels. TLAC Online provides a flexible, accessible and proven way to access and learn effective teaching techniques.

TLAC Online Modules TLAC Online currently has 36 modules covering 15 techniques in 2 categories:

Building Strong Classroom Culture

  • What To Do
  • Radar
  • Least Invasive Intervention
  • Strong Voice
  • Positive Framing
  • Systems & Routines
  • Remote Teaching: Building Culture

Engaging Academics

  • Cold Call
  • Show Call
  • Double Plan
  • Plan for Error
  • Art of the Sentence
  • Exit Tickets
  • Stretch It
  • Remote Teaching: Engaging Academics
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Resources to help managers and coaches get started:

Check out some of the resources - with step-by-step instructions - designed to help you get started implementing Texas TLAC Online in your district.
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Join thousands of educators who have benefited from the modules.

Learn how you can benefit from Texas TLAC Online.

Educator Preparation Program Candidates

Practice highly effective and researched based pedagogical moves that can be translated to any campus context even without a classroom to practice in. Submit video recordings of your practice to the leader of your program for feedback.

Teacher Leader Mentors

Watch teachers model research based practices in their own classrooms, dissect the moves they’re making to implement these strategies, and work with your mentee to replicate the strategy and the results in their own classroom.

Campus-Based Instructional Leaders

Assign modules to teachers that you coach as independent work, then have them send you their final practice right in the platform. Plan a professional development for your whole staff or a group of teachers in which you work through a module, culminating in group practice.

Classroom Teachers

Sign into your own user profile at any time. Learn new techniques to use with your students and practice them on your own schedule. Send your practice to a trusted mentor or colleague for feedback and then start using your new skills in your own classroom.

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